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The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies offers research-based courses, events, and online resources that expand horizons and encourage dialogue.

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Here’s what the generosity of community members and supporters like you makes possible:

Members of the Ladineros group, including one man wearing a parrot hat, read from scripts

Seattle’s “Ladineros” perform “The Jewish Parrot” at Ladino Day 2018

Public events that educate & expand horizons

Your donations make the majority of our public programming possible, from faculty lectures on ancient Jewish magic and present-day anti-Semitism to our popular International Ladino Day celebration, which combines scholarship on the Jewish language of Ladino with the wisdom and knowledge of Seattle’s own Ladino-speaking community.

Group photo showing ten students, smiling and holding copies of "The Best Place on Earth" by Ayelet Tsabari alongside Professor Sasha Senderovich

Reading group for Ayelet Tsabari’s book “The Best Place on Earth” with facilitator Dr. Sasha Senderovich

Unique learning opportunities for students

Your donations support opportunities for students to engage with Jewish studies learning and faculty in unique ways, including a graduate fellowship promoting graduate-level research and community around Jewish studies, an opportunity grant program supporting language-learning and travel, and events that bring students together with faculty for small-group discussions on a wide range of topics, including anti-Semitism in the present, modern literature, and love.

Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz standing at a podium in a full lecture hall

Hebrew lecturer Dr. Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz delivers a talk in fall 2019

Hebrew language programming and innovative courses

Individual donations support the University of Washington’s full-time Hebrew instructor, go towards innovations like the Hebrew program’s new instructional model and curriculum, and allow faculty to develop one-of-a-kind courses like our recent classes on Jewish comedy, Jewish perspectives on bioethics, and Sephardic/Hispanic cooking and culture.

Collage of items from the Sephardic Studies Digital Collection, including historic photos and documents

The Sephardic Digital Collection is the largest online collection of Sephardic documents

High-quality resources available to everyone

Your support allows our staff, faculty, and students to share their academic expertise with the public through high-quality, research-based articles and online resources unlike anything else available online.


Read:The Jews of Kurdistan: How Kurdish Jews became Israeli” by graduate student Pinar Ulumaskan

We’re so grateful for your donations and for everything they allow us to do for our community and our students.

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