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The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies offers events, courses, and online resources that expand horizons and encourage dialogue.

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Jewish Studies at a glance

Infographic with highlights from 2019-2020

In 2019-2020

  • 2,727 people attended Jewish Studies events
    • 6 events held in-person, 7 public events held online, 7 events just for students
  • $42,000 granted to students to support Jewish Studies research, coursework & language study
  • 76,950 people from 186 countries learned about Jewish Studies topics through our website
  • 7 collaborations with community organizations outside the UW
    • Including the Seattle Public Library, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Jewish Federation & the Seattle Sephardic Network
  • 15 new online articles published by graduate and undergraduate students
  • 1,359 students took Jewish Studies courses

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Promoting respectful dialogue around complex issues during a time of polarization, helping people find common ground

• Large public lectures and small-group seminars on anti-Semitism, journalism in Jerusalem, & media coverage of the Middle East

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Engaging students from diverse academic backgrounds and varied academic fields, paving the way for a more inclusive study of Jewish experiences

•Publishing and publicizing student research on Kurdish & African Jews, Jewish assimilation in Turkey, and recovering Sephardic identity in America

Writing from our students

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Supporting students during the pandemic, ensuring that they have what they need to complete their studies

  • Rapidly distributing thousands of dollars in emergency grants starting in March
  • Helping students to obtain equipment and offering tech support needed for online course participation
  • Creating online community for students through regular virtual events and individualized mentorship

Jewish Studies student Kendra Berry explains how emergency support from the Stroum Center in March allowed her to continue her studies in spring 2020

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