Portrait of Grace Dy smiling, in glasses, wearing a black square graduation cap (mortarboard) and gown, with a white and gold tassel. A verdant hedge is visible in the background

The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies is proud to announce its first-ever Outstanding Student in Jewish Studies award, established by Dr. Mika Ahuvia, the Stroum Center’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Marsha and the Jay Glazer Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

The criteria for the award are:

  • Dedication to Jewish studies as a field of study, regardless of official minor or major
  • Excellence in academic achievement
  • Active citizenship in the UW campus community and beyond

The recipient of the inaugural Outstanding Student award is graduating senior Grace Dy, a biology and comparative religion major who minored in Education, Learning, and Society and Jewish studies.

Mika Ahuvia writes: “Grace Dy is brilliant. But that does not stop them from being dedicated, hardworking, and open to constructive criticism. They demonstrate curiosity and an openness to learning in a way few students are able to. Because they hold themselves to high standards, Grace encourages their teachers to maintain high standards, as well, deepening learning for all students.”

Grace is well known to the University’s Jewish Studies librarians, who have appreciated their dedication to research. Grace has also been a frequent attendee of the Stroum Center’s public programming, attending talks and discussions on a wide array of topics.

During their time at the University of Washington, Grace has been an incredible ambassador for Jewish Studies, explaining the program’s strengths to fellow students, promoting Hebrew classes to potential majors and minors, and continually volunteering to talk to potential students who were unsure about their major but interested in Jewish Studies.

This winter, Grace traveled to Princeton University with fellow Jewish Studies students Ellen Perleberg and Alex Peterson for the national College Moot Beit Din competition. The Moot Beit Din asks  teams offer opinions grounded in Jewish law on important ethical quandaries. Grace, Ellen and Alex’s team placed second in the nation, ruling on the question of whether organizations should accept money from ethically compromised sources. (Theirs was the only winning team to offer the opinion that they should not.)

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In every way, Grace has been an outstanding member of the Jewish Studies community during their time at the University of Washington, and they set a very high bar for the Outstanding Student in Jewish Studies award. Congratulations, Grace!

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