Facebook. Israelis love Facebook. Well, not everyone – I do have a friend who disparagingly calls it “The Book of Faces” and refuses to join, but she’s in the minority. In fact, there were complaints about the lack of support for Hebrew language for quite some time, as well as problems with question marks and periods appearing at the wrong side of the sentence – the start of the sentence in Hebrew, but the end in English.

And so given the popularity of Facebook, it’s not surprising that there is a song by Tomer G parodying Facebook:

I’m not sure if this is the FIRST parody of Facebook in Hebrew, but it’s the only one I’m familiar with. These are the original lyrics.

My translation:
You posted a picture of yourself winking with a smile
You wrote you love cuddling under covers
You’re in the friends list of a girl
That years ago I forgot
And why she’s in my list
You asked – what’s up?
What’re you doing now?
Because I’m free, let’s meet
Maybe I’ll come to your show, in a pink dress

Profile pic of a magazine model
But in reality more like Miri Pascal

It’s always in front of me, the Facebook
Are you online? Talk to me…on Facebook
I’m abroad, I’m gathering everyone quickly, look at the pictures now on Facebook
It’s always in front of me, the Facebook
On my iPhone or Blackberry I’m on Facebook
Are you online? Talk to me…one Facebook
I’m abroad, how cool
All the pictures are up on Facebook

You’ve got mail
You were invited by DJ somebody to be a fan of DJ someone – whatever
On his status he wrote “I’m in the studio”
Don’t bother me, don’t send messages
But he’s on chat and is “liking” everything
And posting that tomorrow he’s sealing a deal with Lady Gaga
So I ask – what’s up?
What are you doing now?
Because I’m busy and whatever, doing concerts worldwide
And I have a private party, maybe you want to come and have a drink?

On the wall a 1000 invitees
But only he’s for sure – because he has no friends
He’s in front of Facebook all the time…all my pictures are on Facebook

At night on my bed with Facebook
In front of the screen at work – Facebook
The iPhone constantly runs Facebook
I’m tired and done
Everyone’s addicted to Facebook

Ring true? Or will Tomer G have to update his song to take into account Twitter or Google Plus?

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