Why Questions in Introduction to Judaism?

How asking big questions can transform Introduction to Judaism courses.

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Find Your Own History at the UW Archives

Searching for a unique piece of Jewish history? Follow Sarah Zaides' easy instructions for research success.

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Why Do Jews Have Confirmation?

Archival material sheds light on the origins of a new Jewish lifecycle event.

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Tablet Magazine Shines Spotlight on UW Sephardic Studies

A new article by Emily K. Alhadeff features Prof. Devin Naar and Seattle's Ladino revival.

Fresh Takes on Jewish Studies at 5/2 Grad Symposium

Overview and full schedule of the May 2 research showcase for our five fantastic Graduate Fellows.

Jewish History Goes Digital

Noam Pianko's new course helps students access Seattle's past and showcase it through multi-media exhibits online.

New Media Is the Story at JewDub Talks

A UW alum describes her experience participating in JewDub Talks in virtual space.

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Jewish Studies, Please!

Can Jewish studies serve a purpose if it does not tell the student his or her personal story, and if it is not ‘exotic’ enough to satisfy a breadth requirement?

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