Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz’s new Spring 2014 course will help students understand the building blocks of the Hebrew language.

Are you curious about Hebrew?

Do you want a taste of Israeli culture, but don’t have time for an intensive language course?

Consider taking HEBR 250–Intro to Hebrew Language & Culture, an exciting new Spring 2014 class from NELC (the department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations). This 2-credit class features one of NELC’s most popular language instructors, Dr. Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz. In the words of one former student, “Hadar is an A+ professor who greatly values each individual student’s learning.”

HEBR 250 requires no prior knowledge of Hebrew and is a credit/no-credit course. The class aims to give students a brief overview of the history of Hebrew in ancient and modern times, making clear the fascinating connections between the two.

Topics include: the alphabet, the verb system, the Hebrew calendar, Jewish and Israeli holidays, names, songs, popular sayings, and more. Students will come away understanding the fundamental structure of Hebrew and the language’s role in contemporary Israeli culture.

What kinds of students should consider taking HEBR 250, and what will they gain?

-Considering a major in NELC, Jewish Studies, Comparative Religion or MEC/JSIS? HEBR 250 can serve as a gateway course.

-Interested in religion or international studies? HEBR 250 will provide groundwork for understanding the connections between Jewish culture, Judaism, and life in contemporary Israel.

-Studying linguistics? HEBR 250 will provide a quick introduction to a Semitic language and knowledge about the remarkable history of Hebrew: an ancient, sacred language that underwent rebirth as a modern vernacular in the past 150 years.

-Interested in learning Hebrew, but scared of the time commitment? HEBR 250 offers an opportunity to learn about the alphabet and about some of the rewards and challenges that intensive study will entail.

-Currently enrolled in Elementary Modern Hebrew and Intermediate Modern Hebrew? The topics covered in HEBR 250 will serve as cultural modules, enriching what is taught in the language classrooms.

-Are you a NELC and MEC student concentrating on languages other than Hebrew? HEBR 250 will be a chance to quickly gain insight into another dimension of Near Eastern civilization.

-Focusing on Biblical Hebrew? Modern Hebrew is a vital research tool for understanding Biblical Hebrew, and this course offers a framework to learn more about the evolution of the language.

Full details in the flyer below. Book your spot in this new course starting Feb. 14th!


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