Reading the Rain in Moses’ Poetic Goodbye

Study Moses' last words in Deut. 32 with the help of Marty Jaffee's new translation of the Sifre Devarim and guiding questions from Beth Huppin.

Marty Jaffee Brings Rabbinic Voices from the Cairo Geniza to the E-Book

Prof. Marty Jaffe’s e-book translation of the Sifre Devarim brings a poetic perspective to a seminal piece of rabbinic commentary.

Surviving the Survival on Göran Rosenberg’s Road from Auschwitz

The Swedish journalist Göran Rosenberg retraced his father’s wartime journeys from one hellish landscape to another. Find out more about his evocative memoir and recent Seattle visit.

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Graphic Novels and the Art of Jewish Memory

Find out more about UW alum Tamar Benzikry and her focus on Jewish arts education.

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A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz

Join Göran Rosenberg as he discusses his intelligent and deeply moving book, A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz, in which he returns to his own childhood to tell the story of his father

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