Collage of 2020 Jewish Studies graduate portraits

The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies is offering a big round of applause to this year’s graduating students, who persevered through a very unusual spring quarter to complete their studies at the University of Washington.

This year’s cohort of graduates includes two majors, seven minors, two graduate fellows, and a number of others who studied abroad through Jewish Studies, took Jewish language courses via Stroum Center opportunity grants, or participated heavily in student programming.

Congratulations, all!

Jewish Studies Majors

Lily Rosencrantz portrait IILily Rosencrantz graduated with a double degree in Jewish Studies and human centered design and engineering. Highlights of her time at the UW included studying abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and University College London, and participating in Hillel UW. Lily looks forward to traveling more, and perhaps pursuing a master’s in interaction design at University College London.

Portrait of Jeremy Voss looking thoughtful, wearing a brown T-shirt, with glowing pink neon and lights against a night sky in the backgroundJeremy Voss majored in Jewish studies, computer science and Near Eastern language and civilization. In his time at the UW, Jeremy was involved with J Street and the Anti-Semitism Student Working Group. In addition to working as a software engineer at Amazon, Jeremy’s next steps include involvement with political organizing.

Jewish Studies Minors

Danielle Cohen majored in political science and minored in law, society and justice, as well as Jewish studies.

Portrait of Grace Dy, smiling, wearing a black graduation robe a cap with white and gold tassels, with green ivy visible in the backgroundGrace Elizabeth C. Dy majored in biology and comparative religion and minored in education, learning, and societies as well as Jewish studies. Grace had the opportunity to travel a lot during their time at the UW, from studying immigration issues at the US-Mexico border to exploring Israel-Palestine to learn about the conflict. This summer Grace will study Hebrew through Middlebury College with the support of a Stroum Center opportunity grant. After that, Grace hope to work in the intersection of scientific and religious literacy or education, and/or counseling and advising work. Grace was the recipient of the Stroum Center’s inaugural Outstanding Student in Jewish Studies award.

Portrait of Gabriel Epstein smiling, wearing a blue button-shirt and black suit jacketGabriel Epstein majored in political science with a focus in international security and minored in Jewish studies. During his time at the UW, he participated in the University of Washington and Washington State’s Model UN. His next steps include attending Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies for an M.A., with a concentration in Middle East Studies, for which his Hebrew studies will definitely come in handy.

Portrait of Jacqueline Goodrich, smiling and wearing a blouse and black athletic coat, with blooming cherry trees in the backgroundJacqueline Goodrich graduated with a history degree and minored in both Jewish studies and diversity. Jacqueline is a member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. During her time at the UW, she studied abroad in Germany, where she took a number of courses in Jewish Studies. Jacqui received the Excellence in Scholarship Holocaust Paper Prize in 2019. She is currently searching for a clinical research position and plans to apply to medical school.

Ellen Perleberg majored in linguistics and Near Eastern languages and civilization, and minored in Spanish and Jewish Studies. During her time at the UW, Ellen took both intensive Hebrew and Intensive Arabic, and participated in the Meza de Ladino (Ladino Study Table). Notably, Ellen received the Excellence in Scholarship Holocaust Paper Prize in her first year at the UW. Her next steps include earning a library science master’s and working in public libraries. More immediately, Ellen will be taking Ladino this summer at the University of Washington.

Portrait of Nicole Pinkus, smiling, wearing a dark blouse and thin necklace, with the UW's brick Suzzallo-Allen library visible in the backgroundNicole Pinkus majored in education, communities and organizations, and minored in Jewish studies and diversity. Nicole served as a leader at Hillel and was a First-year Interest Group leader at the UW. Next fall, Nicole will attend STEP, the Stanford Teacher Education Program.
Portrait of Luna Puig, smiling, wearing a green blouse and pendant, with a black backdrop in the backgroundLuna Puig majored in anthropology and history, and minored in Jewish studies. Her highlight of being at the UW has been developing connections with faculty and staff members, many in Jewish Studies, who have helped her grow both as an individual and as a scholar.

Friends of Jewish Studies

Portrait of Kendra Berry, smiling, wearing a dark blue blouse, small necklace and earrings, with a gray backdrop in the backgroundKendra Berry majored in Germanics and has a strong interest in Yiddish studies. With funding from the Stroum Center, she attended the International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture in Warsaw. She will be studying Yiddish again online this summer through the Workers Circle, with support from a Stroum Center opportunity grant.

Portrait of Marissa Gaston smiling, wearing a blue turtleneck and cross necklace, trees and flowers visible in the backgroundMarissa Gaston majored in political science and minored in classical studies. She studied abroad at Ben Gurion University for an year, supported in part by opportunity grants. Marissa, who served as a Political Economy and Public Affairs intern at the US Embassy to the Holy See in Rome last winter, was recently selected by the John Jay Institute in Pennsylvania as one of their eight incoming fellows.

Regan Miedma majored in political science. After taking a course on the Economics of Religion for her major, she decided to take Jewish Studies courses, which really lit a fire in her. After moving to Austin and finding a campaign to throw herself into, she hopes to go back to school to study religion at the graduate level.

Portrait of Alex Peterson smiling, wearing a blue button-up shirt and tie, standing in front of a brick University of Washington buildingAlexander Peterson majored in economics and minored in statistics. While taking ulpan language study courses at Tel Aviv University, supported by an opportunity grant, Alex researched the intersection of Hebrew and political identity in Israel, supervised by Professor Naomi Sokoloff. Alex served as a member of the ASUW Senate and in that capacity helped organize the Anti-Semitism student working group. His next steps most likely include obtaining an M.A. in Security and Diplomacy at Tel Aviv University before applying to law school.

Portrait of Megan Scott smiling brightly, wearing black graduation robes and necklace, holding a small dog that is wearing a black graduation capMegan K. Scott majored in history and took many courses related to the Holocaust during her time at the UW. Among her highlights were Christopher Browning’s course on Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, and participating in the Stroum Center’s student visit to the Holocaust Center for Humanity. This coming fall, Megan will attend the Royal Holloway University of London to pursue a Masters Program in Holocaust studies.
Picture of Sarah Rose ShuerSarah Rose Shuer majored in international studies with a focus on European studies, and minored in education, learning and society. Sarah Rose received a Stroum Center opportunity grant to study at Tel Aviv University. She is eager to travel again so she can continue to push herself outside of her comfort zone as she was able to during her time as an undergrad at the UW.
Portrait of Haley Taylor-Manning, smiling, wearing a dark blouse and pendant, with fully blooming white rhododendrons in the backgroundHaley Talyor-Manning majored in Finnish, Scandinavian studies, and Russian language and literature. She participated in many Jewish Studies events and courses, most notably those featuring Russian-Jewish literature. Haley is considering graduate studies in Russian.

Graduate students

Portrait of Bret Windhauser smiling, wearing a shirt with a collar, tie and sweater, a tree and building in the backgroundBret Windhauser graduated with an M.A. degree from the Department of Near Eastern Cultures and Civilization this spring. Bret held the Mickey Sreebny Memorial Fellowship in Jewish Studies and was a recipient of the Israel Studies graduate grant as well as an opportunity grant for his research on black market trade between Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Portrait of Derek Wiebke smiling, wearing a button-up shirt, outdoors with bushes in the backgroundDerek Wiebke graduated with an M.A. degree in Germanics this spring, and has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in Germanics at Yale University. Derek held the Max Sarason Fellowship in 2020-2021.
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