Connecting Community to Famous Hebrew Writers

Naomi Sokoloff is introducing audiences to major Hebrew authors in a new Stroum Center series of film screenings. First up: national poet H.N. Bialik.

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What’s in a (Hebrew) Name?

Did you know that Hebrew has a dozen names meaning 'joy'? A reflection on Hebrew names by Prof. Naomi Sokoloff.

See Under: Love — Thirty Years Later

Prof. Naomi Sokoloff has edited a new collection of essays on David Grossman's masterful novel.

Who were the most radical Jews in history?

A new team-taught course this fall showcases radical Jews ranging from Jesus to Bernie Sanders.

Hebrew and the Humanities Symposium

How does Hebrew study reflect the position of the humanities in higher education? Watch (and read) 2016 conference participants' answers to this and other questions about Hebrew's place in the United States and in higher ed.

Jesse Lamp Wins FLAS Award for Hebrew

Congratulations to UW MA student Jesse Lamp, on receiving a prestigious FLAS award for his Hebrew studies.

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Learning about prayers and poetry across different faiths

A UW Winter 2015 course co-taught by Naomi Sokoloff and Samad Alavi bridged Jewish and Muslim cultures.

What Can American Sign Language Teach Us about the Shema?

How do the words "Hear, O Israel" resonate for the deaf?