A Book Lover’s Tour of Judaica Libraries in Los Angeles

Scholar, translator, and librarian Emily Thompson visited Judaica libraries in LA to learn more about their collections and operations.

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Stroum Center Opportunity Grants

Substantial support for experiences abroad and language courses connected to Jewish Studies.

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In Budapest, Experiencing How History Impacts Our Present

Halle Friedland, winner of a Jewish Studies Opportunity Grant, spent last winter in Hungary.

Summer and Autumn 2016 Opportunity Grant Winners Heading to Turkey, Australia, Lithuania, and Israel

This summer, UW students will have in-depth academic experiences near and far, thanks to Opportunity Grants from the Stroum Center.

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Jewish Life at the Fringes of the Black Sea

Ariel Vardy describes his studies abroad in Romania and the Republic of Georgia.

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Meet our 2015 Student Travel Grant winners!

This year's winners are heading to Europe, Israel, and the Black Sea region.

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Overturning Expectations in Israel

Jenna Mark's semester in Jerusalem taught her to have no expectations and an open mind when visiting the Middle East.

Experiencing Jerusalem, Living in Israel

UW senior Gabi Natelson, winner of a Jewish Studies Travel Grant, describes her semester in Israel at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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