American Jews and Hebrew–A Case of Active Resistance

It's not that American Jews can't learn Hebrew-they actively won't. Michael Weingrad argues that the psychological history of immigration is the reason why.

A Hug from Afar–An Escape from Rhodes to Seattle via Tangier

Claire Barkey's Ladino letters traveled from Rhodes to Seattle in the 1930s--and ended up saving her family's life.

My First Hebrew Test by Dara Horn

Novelist Dara Horn dares to ask the question: Why are there still only three kinds of American Jews who are allowed to learn Hebrew?

Alumni Interview: Amee Sherer (’87), new Executive Director of Hillel UW

Amee Sherer (UW '87) forged a path combining Jewish Studies and an Education degree. Find out more about Hillel UW's new Executive Director in our first Alumni Interview article.

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The Tale of Sephardic Seattle’s Refugee Rabbi

Born in Hungary, Rabbi Isidore Kahan was one of the best-educated rabbis of his time. Follow his refugee journey from Rhodes to Rome and finally, Seattle.

Devin Naar named First Isaac Alhadeff Professor in Sephardic Studies at the UW

The Stroum Center announces a major development for UW Sephardic Studies: the appointment of Dr. Devin Naar as the first Isaac Alhadeff Professor.

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Do American Jews Have White Privilege?

Graduate Fellow Rachel Graf on the ways American Jews can recognize their own biases and fight inequality.

Israel in Jewish American Literature

How have Jewish American writers portrayed Israel? Naomi Sokoloff presents an overview in "The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature"