The Métropole & the Mosque: Free Men at SJFF

Did the Grand Paris Mosque save French Jews during World War II?

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Russian, Jewish, Yiddish: New Literary History

News about Professor Barbara Henry's first book, Rewriting Russia: Jacob Gordin’s Yiddish Drama.

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Playwright Visits UW

The eminent Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol will be the Schusterman Visiting Artist at the University of Washington during Spring Quarter 2012.

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“My Sweet Canary”: A Musical Journey Through Anatolia

Roza Eskenazi's soulful music, while based in Asia Minor, transcends national boundaries.

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When Kasha Became Cool

Reinvented knishes, bacon-wrapped matzoh balls - what else will the New Jewish Foodies concoct? Lara Rabinovitch investigates.

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A Bagel for Your Troubles

Food is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture because it reminds us of our own survival. Hannah Pressman asks whether our love of bagels can lead to positive change in the world.

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