Freud, Said, and the Question of Jewish Identity after the Holocaust

Religious identity was not part of Nick Barr Clingan’s Seattle upbringing, but a recent discovery about his family's past shifted his perspective.

A Problem of Naming

For Adam Rovner, teaching "Yad Vashem," a Hebrew story by Aharon Megged published in 1955, the challenges start with the name itself.

Hebrew Letters that Dance

A whimsical poster of the Hebrew alphabet bears memories as well as some deep-seated ideology about Jewish languages.

Surviving the Survival on Göran Rosenberg’s Road from Auschwitz

The Swedish journalist Göran Rosenberg retraced his father’s wartime journeys from one hellish landscape to another. Find out more about his evocative memoir and recent Seattle visit.

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“Totes Koshe” T-shirts and the Rise of Cheeky Yiddish Leisurewear

Edgy t-shirts are using Jewish-sounding words as a sexy identity statement. Hannah Pressman investigates.

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How menschy is the Mensch on a Bench?

Moshe the Mensch is ready for his selfie, but are we ready for another Hanukkah mascot?

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Yiddish, Ladino, and Assimilation in Seattle’s Jewish News

Catch the next performance of "Letters to the Editor" on Dec. 13th!

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Saying Shana Tova with a Yiddish Postcard

How did Jews say "Happy New Year" in the early 20th century? Check out this Yiddish postcard for Rosh Hashana!

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